• Friend:

–noun:1. a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.

2. a person who gives assistance; patron; supporter:

  • Enemy:

[noun, plural -mies, adjective]: a person who feels hatred for, fosters harmful designs against, or engages in antagonistic activities against another; an adversary or opponent.

  • fren·e·my

[n. pl. fren·e·mies Informal ]:  A person who is ostensibly friendly or collegial with someone but who is actually antagonistic or competitive


Sooo, recently people started using this term “frenemy.” I really can’t tell if this is a good or a bad word… it is used as if to say I really don’t like you.. but I’m going to be friends with you any way… LMFAO.. if that isn’t the FAKEST thing I’ve EVER heard… How do you chill and be seen with someone who you “secretly” despise?? It makes me think about the terms we use to describe our “friends.”

Many people have a set of friends that they have been with for a long period of time.. like elementary kiddies all the way through college… but in my experience it’s VERY hard to keep a REAL, TRUE, SINCERE friend… Most of the time you can’t keep a friend just because you can’t stay in the same spot.. Everybody knows once you move away, it’s out of sight, out of mind.. LoL so you just end up “losing touch”… Others you just grow apart…. People change over time and I realize that.. some friendships are just meant to teach you something and are meant for you to move on with a lesson learned…. Then there are those.. which everyone has had… that just END… somebody you realize you PROBABLY shouldnt have been friends with in the first place, or somebody that just does something that is against the ALL HOLY RULES OF FRIENDSHIP!! LOL

In my experience… friends are NOT easy to come by.. I don’t have very many but that’s ok with me…. I feel like it’s hard to find someone who will be a true FRIEND… for my definition of friend I would have to say someone who cares about you and your well-being… they don’t just want YOU to  listen to THEM… They actually take an interest in you even when your down and out with nothing to give.. they just want to help you because they know you would do the same for them. Why can’t people realize if you are my friend there is no need to lie to me, or flex about anything… I want only the best for you so why can’t you want that for me?? If you call yourself a “friend” how could you do something that you KNOW is going to hurt me, or hold something back from me that I feel like we should share… Why do you have to HATE when you see me doing my thang.. Dont worry.. I was gonna put you on too!! LoL

I know a lot of people have these same problems with “frenemies” I feel like it’s just something everyone has to go through in life.. I realized a LLOOONNGG time ago that many people aren’t meant to be in your life just because they smile in your face everyday… I pick and choose who I surround myself with now.. and even if you ASK me to chill but I don’t really kick it with you like that… I will politely decline.. I don’t feel like being fake will get me ANYWHERE in life… so I’m just not going to be plastic… If I tell you that you are my FRIEND.. and I love you.. then believe it.. because it’s coming from the bottom of my heart..  I hope all the people who call me a Friend feels like I am the friend that I would love to have.. because that’s all I try to be…

In conclusion: Just pick and choose your “friends!” If you don’t truly like someone.. DONT be friends with them.. you don’t have to even acknowledge they exist…. Dont be Plastic because in the end.. all you will do is cause a bigger drama for yourself and your life… My new philosophy for 2010 is.. If it’s not making me HAPPY… I shouldnt be doing it… and being a “fake friend” isn’t making ANYONE happy.. lol




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Hello World :)

This is My Very first post… So Im guessing I should make it “interesting”…. Seeing as this is My [DoM’s] Blog… and DoM’s World… it’s only fitting that the first topic of conversation.. is ME!! =.D

My Story So Far:

It’s only a short book so far but Im thinking it gonna be a PRETTY long novel by the end of it.. LoL

Well, Well, Well.. Where do I start.. From the beginning I guess… I was born in a town in Alabama called Birmingham… My mom was visiting family and guess what happened… She was flown to the hospital in a helicopter and then this miracle happened…  LOl. that miracle was Me!! [oh and My twin… Monique… She’s the other half of me. you’ll hear A lot  about her in my blog also because she’s a HUGE part of my life.. 😀 We were born on Dec. 29, 1988… which makes us CAPRICORNS!! 😀 AND 21 years of age!! [[plenty of drinking stories now]]

So blah, blah, blah… we lived in California for the first few years of our existence! Even though I only lived there until I was like 6.. I love it and still say that it is my HOME.. [btw… I’m a LAKER LOVER.. so all you LAKER HATERS can miss me with the hating]…. after living in Cali my family [which consists of my twin sister Monique, my brother Cornelius [22], my brother jeffrey [28], my mother Jackie, and my step dad Robert…. oh and our dog ] moved to Forest Park, Georgia…. We lived all over Georgia from forest Park, to Fayetteville, To Marietta, to Gwinnett County… and been to so many schools… Lovejoy, East Cobb, Wheeler, and graduated from Shiloh High School in 2007. =.D [YAY ME!!]

After Graduating high school I went to Tennessee State University.. it was a good “experience” but not the right place for me.. maybe it was Nashville that I didnt like?? LoL and so I came back to Georgia. While in GA I got pregnant with my son. Dominick was born April 2nd, 2009! He makes me world go round and I LOVE LOVE LOVE him to death! He knows how to make my day better without even talking and I live my life to keep him happy and make sure that he has everything he needs. While I was pregnant with my son, me and his father moved to Las Vegas, NV. Which is where I currently reside. I go to the College Of Southern Nevada and I am studying nursing.

My life is full of Ups and Downs but as long as I keep God in my life.. the out come shouldn’t be so bad!! =.D

I Love My Life and I Live it to the Fullest.. I hope you’re doing the same..

Some Other Interesting Facts About me Include:

  • I have 9 tattoos and cant wait to get more..
  • I have 9 piercings.. [7 in my ear, lip, and nose]
  • I have a dog named Lady [Pomeranian <3]
  • Boyfriends name is Ca$H… =>
  • Me and My Car are the Same Age… 21 =.>
  • I Love music.. [just as much as the next MusicJunKie]
  • Lupe =Love ❤
  • Beyonce=Fierce
  • I Love R&B
  • Stilettos Make Me HoT!!
  • I LoVe The LorD ❤


Just a Few pics!!

My goofy son!! 😀

Me and My twin In CALI ❤

He makes me SmiLe!! =.D

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